The Red Sox hired Bobby Valentine to lead the misfit Red Sox for the 2012 season. As talk swept the Nation, many people wondered if he will be the right fit for the job. Terry Francona was a players manager, and although he led the Sox to two World Series wins, things fell apart as his team got more complacent over the years and especially at the end of the 2011 season. Does Valentine have the no-walkover touch that Francona lacked? Only time will tell, but many fans thought other people would be the right fit for the job.

Joe Torre would have been the perfect fit after spending several years with the Evil Empire and when he stepped down from the Dodgers all things seemed to be in line. That whole scenario would have played out as if it were a dream, but it was not reality. The Red Sox didn’t even mention him as a candidate.

Then there was talk of bringing back the Red Sox former pitching coach John Ferrell to take the lead. Ferrell, currently signed as the Blue Jays manager was not granted permission to talk to the Sox. A respected pitching coach with the Sox could have gotten their wayward pitching staff away from the chicken and beer, but again things didn’t pan out.

So it is up to Valentine to have what it takes and hopefully bring home the title. Take a look here to learn more: Bobby Valentine isn’t exactly going to rule with an iron fist

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